Freedom of Choice

If presidential elections were to be held tomorrow, I wonder how
I would vote. According to some, the most critical issues in the presidential debates thus far have been quite different. The Republican party has as its top agenda item, abortion and the moral decay of America. The Democratic party has the environment and its protection as its top concern. To me, abortion is intrinsically evil. It is the killing of an unborn child. Raping or mistreating the environment is bad for all human kind. Whole island nations can be swallowed by global warming.

Killing the unborn and polluting the oceans are legal, but as human beings with free will, we can chose not to do either. Tragically, persons with no ethical compass rationalize doing things that are within the law of the land as behaving morally, even when the law is wrong. History is replete with examples. To have the freedom to choose is a great privilege. To act without regard for how a free act effects another is wrong. It diminishes the chooser; it diminishes us all.

By the time that the presidential elections come around, I hope that both political parties have redefined and prioritized the planks in their platforms. Otherwise, I may have to start my own political party!

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