An Arab-Isaeli Woman

One little known fact in the Middle East is that Arabs make up 20% of the population of Israel. That is 3% more than Hispanics in the United States and 7% more than African Americans in the United States. All of the above are minorities of the population in their countries. As such, they are often the targets of such things as racial profiling, stereotyping, etc. Nevertheless, the majority of the above minorities are anywhere from happy to content to call themselves patriots of the countries in which they live. Rising above prejudices experienced by minorities everywhere are special individuals admired by all members of a given society.

One such person is Mr. Samri, an Arab-Muslim who is an Israeli citizen serving as an Israeli police person. She has served in this capacity for nearly 20 years. Acknowledging that in her community”… there are conflicts between their identity, their Israeliness and their reality”, as a police person, Ms. Samri says, “Democracy is law. I believe in the law, not because I want to be more Jewish than the Jews. I am a proud Arab with Palestinian roots, and I am the proudest Israeli.”

Fluent in Arabic and Hebrew, Ms. Samri has become a spokeswoman for Arab news media and the foreign press. By any standards, Ms. Smari stands out. In a police force of 30,000, 300 of whom are Arab, she is one of a few dozen Arab women on the force.

Anyone who has found him or her self in a dichotomous situation must admire a person who can maintain a balance while leading a normal personal life. Ms. Samri is a person who could enhance any diner party in any part of the world. She lives on both sides of the fence.

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