Not for Grandmothers

Yesterday, two of my friends and I went to see the award winning Broadway show, Matilda. The musical, based on the children’s book by the same name, received glowing reviews in the press. Given the above, we three grandmothers looked forward to an up-lifting, entertaining afternoon. At intermission, the three of us agreed that Matilda is not for grand-mothers.

The music was not memorable, the dancing and singing was second rate, the plot was predictable, the mean characters were too characaturish and the children in the audience did not relate to any of the child actors on the stage. The second act, moving from fiction to science fiction, was a little less predictable, but highly unbelievable, even for the children in the audience who rarely laughed, even at the slap-stick humor. For three grand-mothers who loved The Lion King, Billy Eliot and Kinky Boots, Matilda was a big let down. We were very grateful that we had not spent a hundred dollars or so for any tickets for our grand-children!

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