The Next President of the US Is…

In the last 40 or so years one or more of the presidents of the United States have been womanizers, liars, movie stars, recovering alcoholics, etc. No one ever said that a president had to be “perfect”. Even if the voters had known of such imperfections, they probably would have voted for each of those men, believing that each man had qualities that out-weighed his faults.

This elections year a wealthy, some-times successful business -man, married three times and a star of a reality television show, is a Republican candidate for the highest office in the land. During his campaign, he has belittled women, insulted Latin American immigrants, the President of the United States and Islam as a religion. Also, he praised a world leader noted for his duplicity and draconian measures against any who oppose him!

In the beginning of the campaign season, most media pundits considered the possibility of this man being a major candidate, a joke. Unfortunately, this candidate, whose negative rhetoric spews forth quickly and decisively, who does not offer any positive ideas, plans or proposals on how to solve domestic or international problems, has become popular with a large segment of the population. In fact, in the first primary of the season, he received the second highest number of votes from the Republican caucus.

Fortunately, there are several other Republican candidates to choose from and there is time left to do so. However, the two most viable candidates in my opinion are first generation Cuban Americans. They are touted by the party as Latinos in an effort to win the Latino vote just as President Obama was touted as African American to win the black vote eight years ago. If one looks a little closer, the skin color of President Obama appeals to black voters. In fact, the President who is half white, was raised for many years by his white grandparents and went to white colleges. The most recent former immigrants in this country who came from Latin America are not, nor do they put themselves in the category of Cuban Americans. Most new Latin American citizens in this country came from poverty. Cuban Americans came from privilege.

No candidate is perfect. So, I think that I will go with the “devil I know” rather than take a chance on any of the Republican candidates. I will vote for Hillary Clinton.

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