Justice Is Dead

Justice Antonin Scalia died yesterday. The man was not even cold when the Republican candidates for president publicly insisted that the nomination for a new Justice to the Supreme Court be delayed until after the November elections. It did not take long for the Republican controlled congress to take up the Trump chant, “delay, delay, delay”. In all probability, President will put forth a nomination soon. Since the President will probably nominate a liberal, senate approval is a long shot.

According to the NYT, the current Supreme Court has been a conservative one since the 1970’s. For the first time since then, the court has a chance to become liberal. To some one like myself who until now has considered the Court somewhat liberal in view of the fact that abortion in the United States has been legal for more than 25 years and that gay marriage is now legal through-out the United States, I was surprised to learn that the Court is considered conservative, until I read the reason for this consideration. The conservative court has prevented campaign finance reform and limited voting rights. Further, a non-conservative court could influence affirmative a action, undocumented immigrants, climate change and the death penalty. Wow! Who knew that one vote could wield such power? The Court has lost its most uncompromising member. What will happen next?

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