Trump the Petulant

Donald Trump has been called many things,i.e., arrogant, bombastic, business man (check his business record on that one), entertaining, etc., – oh yes, presidential candidate. I’d like to add “petulant”. When asked recently why he praised Putin and criticized Pope Francis, “He noted that Mr. Putin had complimented him, the pope had challenged him, and he had returned their comments in kind.” (NYT, Feb. 19, 2016) Later, Trump said that what the pope said about his desire to prevent immigrants from coming into America, “That isn’t fair.”

I use words like compliment, challenge and fair. However, the last time that I used them to show tit for tat, or to describe a verbal disagreement as “not fair”, I was in the third grade. I use to find this media savvy wind-bag amusing. That so many American voters agree with Donald Trump, I find scary. I cannot wait until this campaign circus is over. I hope and pray that cooler, caring heads prevail. No matter how “cute or funny”, I do not want a third grader as president.

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