South Sudan

One million people in South Sudan are facing starvation. I am traveling for my own edification to Belgium and France. Thousands of refugees are stranded in Greece; I up-graded my seat on a plane to Comfort Class. The juxtaposition of the above haunts me. May it continue to haunt me because the conjured image forces me to reflect on the causes and possible solutions to this dilemma. I do not say elimination of the problem because the distorted tapestry created by this juxtaposition is part of human history. I say that, not as an excuse, but as an acknowledgement of the reality of the situation.

Resources exist in this world for all to participate in a modest, healthy life style. While many work to make the world more just, others take advantage of human selfishness and greed to exacerbate the situation. However, the greatest obstacle to a resolution to the horror of starvation, in my opinion, is lack of leadership. The “haves” may be generous with funds and foods. But, if the leadership in poor nations does not improve, those in need will continue to be needy. It has taken me many years to believe in the opinion that I expressed above. My skill sets and funds are limited; therefore, my contribution to ameliorate the situation is limited. I do pray for those in need. May God have mercy on us all.

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