Today all of Christendom celebrates the greatest miracle of all time. By his own power, a man rose from the dead. No historical person ever did this before or since. He did this to confirm that He is a God-man. For the last three years of his life, He was a teacher of a philosophy that gave dignity and hope to all members of the human race including the poor, the downtrodden, those in jail, tax collectors and prostitutes, women, children and the unborn. He died at the hands of the religious establishment. He died an ignominious death to confirm the truth that to be good is better than to look good. His life and death were one of confirmation. So, too, was His resurrection.

Christendom celebrates this miracle each year in the spring. Spring is the time of year that trees and flowers awaken and bloom. It is the time when the animal kingdom reproduces itself. It is a time of renewal and hope. It is a time to say, “Shalom, Alleluia and Amen”.

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