Dinner at Six

For many years, I have had Friday night dinner with a group of people, most of whom are artists. My husband started the group as a friendly way to keep up with the opinions of the members on the art world, social phenomenon, national politics and local gossip. When my spouse passed away, I thought a. that the group would disband b. that I would be excluded from the group. Happily, I was wrong on both thoughts.


Although over the intervening years some members of the original group dropped out mostly for health reasons (no one was particularly young to start), other interested artists or lover of the arts, joined. Due to the varied personalities of the newer members, the dynamics have changed, but not the topics of conversation or the camaraderie. I continue to look forward to these Friday night dinners. I consider this constant happening one of my great blessings. Every widow should have such a blessing.


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