I have two very intelligent, very kind, morally up-right friends who often display signs of paranoia! One cannot think of a future activity, no matter how pleasant the anticipation, without tainting the vision with all of the events that could disappoint, hamper or destroy the probable joy of the experience.


I have tried sharing with him a technique that helps me through a myriad of experiences – think of the worst thing that could possibly happen; then think of the best thing that could possibly happen. Know that what ever happens will probably be somewhere in the middle. Also, I remind him that his particular brain is so finely tuned, that no matter what happens, he will find a solution. He usually listens politely and changes the subject, indicating that my way of dealing with a particular situation is not his.


My other friend sees doom and gloom everywhere. She thinks of herself as politically savvy. Because, for physical reasons, she can no longer read for a prolonged period of time, she listens to radio and television news programs through out the day. From this constant source of information/disinformation, she concludes that every social, religious, political and educational institution is going to hell in a hand-basket. To her credit, within her sphere of influence, she participates in a variety of organizations to counter this descent into corrupted behavior or moral turpitude. She is always disappointed that the leaders of such organizations are not the zealots that she would like them to be.


Both of my friends have very strong physical constitutions, at least I believe so, as they can survive on little sleep and modest nourishment. My constitution is such that if I had so little sleep or food, and if my brain were as rapid fire as theirs, the combination would drive me to despair at which time, I might possibly shoot myself.

As both are lovely people who enrich my life and the lives of those around them, through their many kindnesses, I am glad that each can live with his/her unique set of characteristics.

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