Water, a Force of Nature

Saturday found me on my way to an area inWest Virginia reeling from flood waters caused by an eight hour rain storm the day before that dropped eleven inches of rain in the local mountains.  The timing and the amount of water caused run-off to wash out roads and to carry away cars and houses.  Although the specific county that I was attempting to visit was not among those devastated, I would have to drive through areas that sustained damage and/or were still flooded.


Cell phones are wonderful tools.  Through my phone, I was able to make contact with persons along the way in order to get an up-date on the flood conditions.  I learned before I left my state that two routes with which I was familiar were no longer available.  Parts of them were under water.  The final route appeared clear.  When I reached my lunch destination, a friend using a computer, determined that a small part of the route that I hoped to use, was partially flooded.  I decided to soldier on, hoping that the waters would receded enough for me to get through by the time I reached 50 or so miles out.  Another three phone calls, two to the police who did not answer, and one to the friend that I intended to visit informed me that the way was now clear.  The police did not answer because the electricity in the area was out, not to mention that the force was also out trying to help victims of the high water.


Aside from having to make several stops before I could find a functioning bathroom because of a wide reaching power outage, I finally arrived safely but two hours late at my destination.  My friend had a glass of wine and supper ready when I walked through the door.  I was grateful to be among the lucky ones.  Twenty-four people died as a result of that flood. Water is a powerful force!

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