People Do not Change

A friend with whom I’d gone to college called to invite me to attend an Egyptian exhibit held at a famous institute. When I arrived, I discovered that my friend also invited a coworker of hers. Ironically, I had worked with this same woman for a short time 40 years ago. While I was pleased to see my friend, I wondered how the afternoon would progress as I had never been fond of the third member of our party.


The exhibition was so well done that it did not take long for each of us to become immersed in the hands-on features all around us. I was familiar with the general history of ancient Egypt through study and through visiting many sites in the country. Nevertheless, I learned one new thing that added to my respect for this ancient civilization. The Egyptians used special sealants and brand markings on products that they shipped around the Mediterranean. Just as today we are reminded not to use certain products if the seal is broken, The ancients would not pay for nor use products if the seals were broken. Talk about consumer safety!


At the end of the exhibit, I called Uber to arrange transportation from the institute to a restaurant where I intended to take my friend and her companion for lunch. No longer engaged in discovering facts about ancient Egypt, in the car we now had the time and the opportunity to review what we experienced and to catch up with the latest happenings in our lives.


Within two minutes, I felt my stomach tighten. I took a couple of gulps of air to ward off the annoyance that was brewing in my brain. People do not change. In a loud voice, the third member of our party began making irrelevant statements and asking irrelevant questions over the vocal directions the GPS was giving to the Uber driver. I knew that this woman would probably take a bullet for anyone of us in the car, but she never knew when to keep quiet and listen. Fortunately, by the time we reached the restaurant, my deep breaths slowed my heart rate to the point at which I could smile and help to lower the volume by graciously thanking the Uber driver for our safe and timely arrival. No, she had not changed. And, neither had my stomach!


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