Mobile Phones

One piece of technology that has become indispensible to me is my cell (mobile) phone. I don’t leave home without it. While I don’t do Face Book, or any other strictly social media, I depend on my cellphone to connect me with people places and information that I need on the fly. Most recently, I loaded my first App, Uber. Being able to call a ride that will take me where I want or need to go, arriving in just a few minutes, is a great stress reliever.

For several reasons, the most obvious being that China’s middle class only began in the ‘70’s, today China has the cutting edge on mobile phone use. The Chinese do not need personal computers or credit cards. The apps on their phones help them to by-pass the above -mentioned technologies. The Chinese use their own companies such as Alibaba’s Taobao to shop for groceries, scan coupons, buy credits for on-line games and find deals at near-by stores. Today, 600 million Chinese have and use mobile phones. More and more Chinese tech companies are developing, or adapting mobile apps to the needs or wants of their citizens.   The number of people in China who have and use mobile phones today is nearly double the population of the US. With a total population of 1.3 billion, China’s edge on Silicon Valley will soon become a huge slice of the pie.


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