Getting Ready to Go

There is a little devise that I use when packing to travel that has served me well for many years. DMM stands for documents, medicines and money. If any traveler has those three things, he/she can travel securely. At least, that has been my experience. Naturally, one must have proper documents and enough medication to last at least until one can acquire more. The money, of course, must be that which is accepted by the locale in which one is traveling. With the right kind, and lots of it, money makes any trip better.


So many people worry about having the right clothing or shoes. Reading materials and cameras concern some travelers. Today, among the younger generation, electronic gargets, especially mobile phones and WIFI access practically dictate a person’s ability to leave home or to remain home. The lore of the open road just isn’t what it once was.


Even though I am approaching my eighth decade, travel still weaves its magic. I still remember to stop the mail and the news -paper (yes, I still read the hard copy), clean out the refrigerator, empty the trash and pack using DMM. Lately, however, along with my medication I bring such aides as: a back brace, knee supports, muscle cream, and a fold up walking stick. I even remember to extend my phone service so that I can send pictures back to my friends and family! Occasionally, I still send post cards to my less tech friendly friends. Tomorrow I leave for Canada. When I return I think that I will start preparing to go to Crete.


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