The things that young women go through! It is with a sign of relief that I am no longer and haven’t been for a long time, young. The pressure on all women under fifty, if they are dating, is tremendous. They are asked to give up their personal dignity and jeopardize their health to give the man or boy that they are dating the pleasure that he wants. Being physically vulnerable to a person usually much stronger, to writhe and contort for a few minutes in search of a moment or two of pleasure seems to be standard procedure on a third date (what ever date means these days). It is common knowledge these days, that men want physical pleasure from an intimate relationship and that women want affection. Good luck on the affection thing. If I may interject a bit of 21st century advice, look on a guy’s face-book page and check his possible antics on You-Tube even before meeting the possibly randy old man.


In my day, I fended off wolf whistles with a flat chest and a haughty aire. Young women today are encouraged to look like street- walkers. If one’s skirt isn’t short enough or one’s neckline low enough, a young woman is not only ignored by the opposite sex, she is scorned by her own sex. It takes a great deal of self-confidence and courage to dress in a manner that defies current expectations.


Women who work in jobs that require uniforms are afforded some protection from unwanted attention – unless they work in toll booths. The other day, I read an article describing the abuse that women who work in toll booths often must take from male drivers. Those drivers deliberately use vulgar or demeaning language, make rude jesters, try to grab the hand passing the change and, in the case of women who wear religious garb, racial slurs. Men who behave this way are the lowest of the low. They victimize women who cannot hurt them in any way. The encounter is too short for any verbal or physical response. The men just drive away leaving the women to deal with the next driver and the next encounter, be it pleasant or humiliating. I’d love to see some kind of reverberating microphone that enhances sound and throws it back into the car of the offender. Wouldn’t that give the offender a scare, the big coward, thinking that every other driver in line heard what he said!

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