Mysterious Egyptians

The other night I watched a silly slap -stick movie called “The Naked Gun”. The movie was made during the seventies staring Leslie Nielson, an actor in the waning part of his career lucky enough to find that he could be very funny in ridiculous situations. I had not seen the movie in years. I was in the mode for some belly laughs, so I watched the whole thing. I wasn’t disappointed. Nielson’s antics gave me the best laughs that I had had in weeks.


The next morning, still smiling, I did what I usually do, began reading the NYT over breakfast. The front page announced that one of the bombs recently set off in the New York/New Jersey region, was first discovered by two visiting tourists from Egypt. I was intrigued. That New York City, which has at least 4,000,000 a year, had at least two tourists from Egypt seemed an anomaly. Perhaps I was being a bit provincial in my thinking. To confirm or deny that assumption, I gave the article a quick scan.


According to the article, the two young men spotted the full flight bag standing alone on the sidewalk. Upon investigation, the young me took the contents of the bag out, left it on the pavement and walked off with said flight bag. Who knows what they were thinking. The contents didn’t seem to interest them. What did they need a pressure cooker for? Maybe the pot contained a meal for the homeless. The flight bag was much more useful. Anyway, to bring anyone’s attention to the lost article might delay flight plans, or worse.


Unfortunately for them, the young men used the flight bag to carry personal items back to Egypt. That specific flight bag was picked up on the airport security system, thus identifying the two Egyptian tourists. The young men are safely in Egypt while US security is trying to have them sent back for questioning. Good luck with that!


Another good laugh was mine – and in the morning, yet. The whole scenario could perfectly fit into a “Naked Gun” remake. For me, the situation reminded me of the often quoted lines from one of the “Godfather” movies, I think it was “Godfather II”, “Leave the gun; take the cannoli”. Truth, indeed, can be stranger than fiction.



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