Dear Mrs. Clinton

Dear Mrs. Clinton,


As a young woman working for the rights of children on your own and with Marion Wright Adelman, I was impressed with your dedication to public service. Not being a dedicated political watcher, I have only periodically tuned into your work for the public good. I was as disappointed as yourself when your work toward a health care program for the poorest during your husband’s administration failed. Not one to let defeat stop you from using your talents to improve society, as you believe it should be improved, you have forged ahead working as a senator and as Secretary of State. As such, you have faced politically motivated as well as emotionally and physically real problems. You have proved yourself to be a woman of social consciousness, ambition and courage. Until the last presidential debate, I intended to vote for you. This is why I am wavering.


In your defense of the right of woman to choose to have an abortion, you made it quite clear to millions of people that you support partial-birth abortion. You added a scenario that illustrated that women who choose partial-birth abortion agonize over their decision.


Mrs. Clinton, have the young women in the United States sunk so morally low and have you, as a candidate seeking votes to become president of the United States, joined them that you would rationalize murder? Please, for your sake and for that of the unborn, go back to the origins of Roe vs. Wade. That bill was intended to protect women from backyard butchers if they chose to end an unwanted pregnancy. It was intended to keep women who chose to have an abortion and the doctors who perform them out of jail. It was never intended to be a means of birth control. It was never intended to kill a maimed, but viable baby.


Since Roe vs. Wade, over 50,000,000 abortions have been performed in this country. Abortion is big business. To believe that all women in the 21st Century agonize over a decision to have an abortion is to not face reality. The reality is that morality in the United States has been compromised through many social factors, not the least of which is that abortion, especially, partial-birth abortion, does not kill babies.


If this election were a one plank election, I would chose to write in a candidate for the highest office in the land. As it is I will pray and think hard. I can think of several women I could write in. Then again, perhaps once you are in office, you will again advocate for those who cannot do so for themselves.

God help you.

A Caring Friend

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