The Republican Candidate

Mr. Trump,


Prior to the 1962 election of John Kennedy, rumblings from the conservative far right and from many Evangelicals was that the election of Mr. Kennedy would give the US a president who through his religion, had allegiance to a foreign power, i.e., the Pope. It was believed in many quarters, that if, indeed, Mr. Kennedy won, there would be an armed up-rising throughout the country. That did not happen. In fact, the “business as usual” out-come of Mr. Kennedy’s winning (by a very small margin) the presidency caused one foreign leader to quip something like, “ Only in America- in my country, the senators would be shooting at each other.”



In spite of your words and your posturing throughout this campaign, do you really believe that you would make a good president of the United States? Do you believe that stating that you will contest the validity of the election, if you do not win is the best comment to make to your “groupies”? Several of your followers have stated publically, that if you do not win, they will take to the streets with guns. (See NYT, Oct. 24-25, 2016) Personally, I am not a media junkie. My news comes from reading a newspaper and listening to headline announcements on public radio. I find that through these sources, I can keep-up fairly well with the “latest”. Is it my lack of keeping my ear to the ground that I did not hear of your supressing any military type action against the American people if you do not win this election? Are you deliberately trying to use scare tactics to encourage the general public to vote for you?


Mr. Trump, you need help. Not from those sycophants that attempt to advise you, nor from the poor duped citizens who are suffering from lose of hope for a bigger pay check, etc. You need professional help. Get it.


A voter


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