A Drama in Two Acts

Into every life a little drama must fall. For the last few days, I’ve had a house -guest, a friend whom I’ve seen once in eight years. In addition to rearranging a bit of furniture and doing a bit of food shopping, I planned a few excursions. Luckily, a dinner out and a gala birthday party with my local friends would provide some interesting conversation.

My guest did not care for the food that I prepared, nor did she care to participate in any of the activities that I planned. To add to the quandary, the weather turned cold, windy and snowy. And, my friend who was reasonably healthy the last time that I saw her had developed a heart condition which left her with limited mobility under the best of circumstances. What a disaster, I thought to myself. That was only the first act of the drama.

Two days into the visit, my son had a heart attack. My friend was very solicitous, offering kind words and homely advice. She had no problem remaining in my apartment while I headed off to the hospital. Having someone care about my son and myself at this time was a small blessing. However, I found myself in the position of having to watch over my son’s treatment and to take care of an old lady. Miraculously, I switched into what I refer to as “nurse mode” in which I do a mental triage, focus on what has to be done in order of importance, and do it. Action kept the emotions in check.

Fortunately, my son was transferred from a local medical center to the area heart hospital, which was closer to my apartment. He seems to be receiving appropriate care. There is not much that they can do for a weakened heart at this point.

Five years ago, my son had triple by-pass surgery. I hope and pray that this episode will provide a wake-up call. My child’s quality of life is dependent on his will to live in a manner that respects the needs of a healthy body and a healthy soul. That is one thing that my friend and I agree on. I will miss her when she leaves for home tomorrow.

I hope that this drama is a play in two acts that has a happy ending.

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