My sister is on her way to my house in order for us to visit our 98 year old aunt. She and her husband’s journey is taking longer than anticipated. Traffic is heavy. It seems that many women are on the road returning home after participating in the Million Women March in protest of the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States. It seems that, at least on the East coast, many are unhappy with the new President, myself included.


Last evening at a retirement party held for a friend, many of the guests expressed belief that the 45th President will leave office or be impeached within two years. This thought sustains hope. The 45th President’s disunifying inaugural address served to convince many “let’s give him a chance” believers that this man should not be President of the United States. Note that I have not mentioned the man’s name; nor, do I intend to do so. Is that my sister now?

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