Alternate Facts

The first time that I heard the phrase “misspoke myself” was during the Watergate trials which lead to the impeachment of Richard Nixon then President of the United States. This phrase appeared to be a new descriptor of lying. Ultimately, those who “misspoke themselves” were ostracized/banished from public life for years to come.


English is a living language; therefore, new words and phrases enter the language all of the time. Here is another new phrase, which had its origin with the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, “alternate facts”. This phrase is the latest used to describe sound bites and twitter messages coming forth from the 45th. In time, “alternate facts” may bring down the arrogant person who now offers “alternative facts” to defend himself from unwanted criticism as he occupies the White House. On the other hand, his friends may come up with other truth concealing phrases like, “volatile veracities”. Allowing his followers to again turn a blind eye to his contribution to the destruction of truth.


Beware. This man’s rants are already eroding the important free world roll of the fourth estate.

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