Changes since January

Although I did not vote for the current resident of the White House, like so many other optimistic voters, I hoped that he would rise to the occasion. That does not seem to be happening, even though he and his party are determined to “make America great again”. That goal alone should cause one to wonder since America is great. Nevertheless, I admit that every nation can improve. However, the party which proposes to value freedom, Mom and apple pie, has funny ways to demonstrate loyalty to its mission and to its values.

Since January 2017, my optimism has changed to wondering and then to disbelief. It looks as if this administration is bound to make America great for a few at the expense of the rest of the population by changing many rules either by executive order/approval, or by congressional approval. These changes are as follows:


  1. Removal of human rights conditions check on arms sales to foreign governments
  2. No follow through on the Paris Agreement on Climate Control
  3. Cutting the education budget by 9 billion ( De Vos, the Secretary of Education, says that money is not a panacea.)
  4. Internet providers can sell client information. Internet providers can sell faster streams to one group of customers over another.


As if the above is not bad enough, I must question where the following actions will lead: the United States war footprints are growing in Syria while no peace proposals are on the table. At least five million people already have been displaced by the civil war in that country. And, the United States envoy to the United Nations accused the Human Rights Council of that body as being corrupt, while, from the other side of her mouth she called the United States the, “moral conscience of the world.”


As yet, the party in office right now has not been able to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, nor has it been able to destroy NAFTA, it is well on the way to making the United States the preferred home of oligarchy aficionados. Is that what is meant by “making America great again” ? Sigh!!

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