The Suffering Environment

This morning I learned that the President of the US fired several scientists from the Environmental Protection Agency Board.  A few days ago, I read excerpts of environmental rules rolled back, some overturned, others under review and yet others in limbo. To the best of my knowledge, it has taken years to pass certain pieces of environmental legislation, but only a few short months to destroy rules that protect the environment which in turn, protect the lives of many.


Three of the most heinous are associated with coal mining: allowing the dumping of debris into local streams, not reporting methane emissions, revoking protection of public land use.  Again, with this administration, it is money over people.  An irony of the situation being that the people who voted in the administration are those most hurt by it.

I am clinging to the hope that the grass roots will rebel by throwing out the conspiring legislators in he next election.

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