An Opportunity of a Lifetime

My husband’s favorite opera was “Der Rosenkavelier”. I’d listened to the music from the work for years; and, I had seen at least one VCR production of it. When I learned several months ago, that the opera would be part of the Met’s HD series, I purchased a ticket.


This particular production promised to be historical. The soprano playing the part of the Marchallin, Renee Fleming; and, the soprano playing the part of the young count, Octavian, Elina Garanca, were both retiring the those parts from their repertoires. This was the last opportunity for anyone to see the two great divas together. Keeping all of that in mind, I braved the Nor’easter that pummeled the car windows and ignored the great water sprays that washed my under carriage. I did not want to miss the opportunity of a lifetime.


Not only was I not disappointed, I was enthralled by the singing and acting of the two principals. In fact, all of the singing was superb, albeit elements of the production were a bit extreme almost to the point of comedy. I could not rest my eyes, or my ears. Nevertheless, I was not prepared for the pinnacle of perfection during the third act trio of the three sopranos, Fleming, Garanca and Erin Morley.


The music was so beautiful, I had to thank God for those gifted voices as tears began to trickle. For a few magic moments, I imagined my departed husband next to me. At that point, the flood gates opened. By the end of the trio, two sopping tissues rested in my hand. The moral of this story is, “Do not let water from the heavens cheat you out of a heavenly experience.”


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