You Be the Judge

Yesterday I read a piece of advice from a “Judge” that horrified me. A young bride to be did not want to carry a bouquet when she walked down the aisle. However, she was concerned about what she would do with the hand that was not being held by her father. She sought advice from the New York Times. The advice was given in the form of a bonus in the weekly magazine section of the Times under the general heading of “The Ethicist”. The other questions given by the ethicist (the writer of the column) were thoughtfully researched before he put the answers on paper. My expectation was that the bonus blurb would be researched as carefully, especially since the responder was a “Judge”. The advice given to the bride as she walked down the aisle, presumably of a church, was to, “Discreetly use American Sign Language to spell our, ‘hail Satan’ over and over.”


After recovering from the shock of such advice to a young woman embarking on one of the most important steps of her life, I decided to research this “judge”. All right, so Judge John Hodgmen is a comedian! This advice, I assume, was his attempt at black humor. Hopefully, the young person to whom this advice was given is aware of the non-credentials of the “judge”. He couldn’t have advised that she might just cross her fingers? Or, she might do what the old crooner, Perry Como did during his live television shows, make a fist and carry a Miraculous Medal.


Why is it that some things that I learn do not make me feel more enlightened?

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