Sod It!

About three years ago, the county park that I over look took on the task of dredging the lovely river that flows beneath my balcony.  For two years I watched piles of river muck ascend, then descend by the truck load. Much heavy equipment and many man hours brought the plain along the river to a smoother surface.  In fact, a few days ago, at least one and a hale football (American) fields long and half a football field wide was covered in three tractor trailer loads of sod (turf).

All of the above sound wonderful.  The county freeholders are doing their job insuring that our river and park are the perfect location for hosting scull races.  In fact, this spring I watched at least four competitions.  Teams competed from all over the Eastern seaboard, in spite of the fact that, while the river was perfect, the bank was, in part,  off limits for team members and their fans.  Sodding the large area mentioned above will please competitors next season.  If- this is the big -if, the sod lives!

On this morning’s walk I saw two little sprinklers trying to moisten the newly laid sod. The park commission and the local sod farms are closed today.  Be assured that tomorrow I will be on the phone suggesting that the commission rent portable irrigation systems.  If we are going to be so ecologically unsound as to lay sod instead of seed and straw, we can at least protect the tax payers money by keeping the sod’en plain alive!

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