What Is Truth?

Almost fifty years ago, while working in South America, I was faced with a dilemma. Should I remain in South America working at consciousness raising (a big sound bite in those days) among the affluent, or should I return to the United States to work in an inner city (another big sound bite).


One of the reasons that I chose the later was the perception that in Latin America, at that time, one could say, “black was black and white was white”, today; then, “black was white and white was black,” tomorrow. And, be accepted as a rational person by one’s peers. This was all before the Nixon debacle. I still believed that America was the land of truth, even in politics.


Over the years, that myth has been eroding bit by bit until now. In today’s NYT’s Opp Ed piece, in her criticism of Oliver Stone’s interview with Vladimir Putin, Marsha Gessen makes several points of comparison between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Number five is “moral neutrality”. In other words, both men think that it is perfectly fine to say one thing one day and the opposite the next day. I’m all for understanding human words and actions in the light of history and/or enlightenment. I am not for lying for self or country aggrandizement.


In my eighth decade, I pray that younger generations recognize this lunacy for what it is and take appropriate steps to diminish the political and social power held and practiced by these two “world leaders”.


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