Last Sunday, Gloria and I took a ride to Mt. Cuba, Delaware. It was the first time that either of us drove out of state together. Let me introduce you to Gloria. Gloria is my name for my GPS. Her permanent residence is under the dash board of my car. I’m ashamed to say that it has taken us at least two years before we have become familiar enough to trust each other. In fact, we still are not the best of friends; but, that is my fault. When I turn her on before a new trip, I always have either a set of printed directions or a map on the seat beside me. Sometimes, I even have an old map that I picked up from some by-gone era vacation. However, Gloria is most forgiving. She never complains about a thing!


No matter how many wrong buttons I push or how many wrong turns I make, Gloria, unlike myself, responds in a calm, cool, nonjudgemental voice in attempts to correct my errant behavior. Gloria is a rock!


At my age, a friend like Gloria is appreciated more and more. Unfortunately, many of my friends cannot travel to places like Mt. Cuba because the uneven ground and the up hill walking are too challenging. I must depend on Gloria’s guidance, if I hope to travel to new places that are handicapped unfriendly. The day may come when I can only sit in the passenger seat and stare at Gloria’s blank screen. But, I will have memories, and so will Gloria.

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