The Demise of Censorship in the West

Any on who is a fan of the Italian movie, Cinima Paradiso must remember the early scene where the half asleep priest tries to caver the movie screen during “torrid” love making by the actors. The reaction of the movie Italian movie patrons at this attempt of censor ship was a bit more vocal than the reaction of American Catholics to the Legion of Decency. Nevertheless, the ultimate result was the same, i.e., the demise of any kind of censorship.


Little by little, the influence of religious institutions in the West has all but disappeared. In fact, the other day while reading a secular newspaper, I was surprised to read that the Vatican is calling the American Catholic Church too political. I believe the Vatican was referring to the fact that our most recent presidential elections put a man in the White House who appears to be against protecting the environment and who is enacting decrees against immigration and/or political sanctuary for persons displaced by war. If I am reading this correctly, those of us practicing Catholics who vote for environmental protection and equal justice of all citizens no longer need to feel just a bit embarrassed about not voting for anti-abortion candidates. In truth, I’m not sure of where all of this is heading.


I do know that free will and following one’s conscience are two old standbys that are anchored in my heart and soul. The best that I can do is to inform myself with the truth of any religious ideology or political platform in order to act humbly and justly in any given situation

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