Doing Good

The major religions of the world have as one of their tenants, helping others. Those who practice the tenant of helping others often feel that they get more than they give. How may one measure who gets the most when one person helps another?


Scientists at the University of Zurich and elsewhere experimented with volunteers to determine how generous these individuals might be and how their generosity made them feel. The group was divided in half. The members of each group were given a specific amount of money. One group was told to spend the money on others, to be generous. The second group was told to spend the money on themselves, to be selfish. At the end of a specified period of time, each group was slid into a fM.R.I. machine. Their brain waves were tested. The brain waves of the “generous” group showed signs of functional connectivity. In other words, the “generous” group felt more personally rewarded than the “selfish” group. So, who experiences the greater reward? Is it the giver or the receiver?


The important thing is that feeling good about doing good is a good thing. The human race has been and will continue to good things for the less fortunate, because as religion recommends and now science proves, doing something nice for someone else makes a person feel better about him/her self. And, when people feel good about themselves, they do good. It is a win/win situation. May it continue into the next generation and into generations to come.

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