Party Planning Pains

On my next birthday, I will enter a new decade, quite possibly, my last decade. Because the end is not too far away, I decided to give myself a giant birthday party. Thinking to invite my siblings and their spouses and to invite the siblings of my husband and their spouses, I realized that I needed to find a local hotel to accommodate the group. Now I know why people who have big weddings find venues at least a year ahead of time.

There are two very nice hotels within a mile or so from my apartment. One of them seemed a logical choice. What seems logical and what is logical can be two different things. My apartment building and those two hotels front a river, which is used in the early spring for regattas. Needless to say, the very week-end on which my birthday falls is the week-end of regattas and volley ball tournaments. Do I want my family members to deal with sweaty possibly drunk college students? Decidedly, NO!

Thus began a search for a hotel with a block of rooms to accommodate six families in early spring. The hotel also had to provide breakfast, free WIFI, free parking and, possibly dinner. Other options would be nice, but not necessary. Using the internet, it took me nearly three hours to wade through suitable hotels within my price range. The hotel that I settled on is located five miles from my apartment and seven miles from where, I hope, the main celebration will take place.

That is just the hotel. I have yet to secure the hall or restaurant, the limousine service to transport the group from hotel to where ever, the caterer, the florist, the cake, the invitations, goodie bags, etc. This giant party has become a giant pain! I have hope, however, that every one will enjoy the celebration on the day and the memory of it in years to come. All of the “birth pains” will be forgotten.





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