Kind and Generous People

There is an old saying that I have always taken to heart, “Guests and fish smell bad after three days.” To avoid “smells” it has been my practice to invited guests for less than three days, and to be a guest for less than three days. However, for the first time in my life, I threw caution to the wind. I accepted an invitation to stay with friends for a week. Happily, I had a wonderful time and I believe that my friends did as well.

My friends, myself, three grandsons and a daughter, stayed in a two apartment time share in the mountains of Virginia. Stocked with gallons of water and milk, pounds of cooked pasta, 8 loaves of bread, varieties of lunch meat, cereal, salty snack foods and a large ham, we settled into apartments that were nicely furnished, shower and bath tub friendly with comfortable beds.

The young people hustled out in the mornings to do young people stuff such as ride bumper cars, swim, tumble down water falls and eat ice-cream. That left us old folks to ramble through antique shops and wander around farmers’ markets.

We gathered at dinnertime to indulge in take-out chicken or ham and pasta extravaganzas. Then the kids scrambled to their apartment and played video games when they weren’t in the Jacuzzi. The really grown-ups read quietly or watched a movie before tottering off to bed.

The days just flowed. No one said a cross word nor complained about the anything, except maybe having to put one’s dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

In my life experience, people can be tiring, especially when one refrains from saying what one is thinking or going where another has decided to go. But, when one is with kind and generous people one tends to be kind and generous. Thus, the days passed with grace and quiet joy. I am glad that I was invited and that I accepted the invitation

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