A “Lust forLIfe”

In remembrance of my late husband I had a booklet of his poems printed professionally.  The booklet turned out quite nicely.  In fact, my sister-in-law called me to tell me how beautifully it appears and how much she appreciates having access to a part of her brother’s life that she didn’t know existed.  On the other hand, two of my husband’s friends who received a copy at about the same time as my sister-in-law, haven’t read it yet.  I found that very disappointing.  I should realize that my enthusiasm for the project cannot be matched by all who knew my love.  Of course, I say that the poem book was produced “in remembrance”, but in truth, it was produced because the poems are worth reading for their own sake. 

My husband was a visual artist.  I spend inordinate amounts of time trying to find a museum that will take the remainder of his collection to be exhibited ad infinitum .  Just as his visual images are full of energy and enthusiasm for life, so are his words.  Years ago, a medical doctor told me that we can only influence those within our circle.  Perhaps I am trying to widen my husband’s circle.  In my view, the world would be a better place influenced by my love’s images and words. I must keep my resolve to spread his personal “lust for life” to the four corners of an ever-widening circle.


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