This afternoon I watched a German movie called Cherryblossoms.  It is a story of love and death.  This synopsis cannot do justice to the poignancy of the husband’s growing understanding of his wife of many years. Cherrybloosoms is available on streaming Netflix.

 The wife is told by the doctor that her husband does not have long to live. The doctor does not tell the husband of his condition. He suggests that the couple take a trip, or do something that they always wanted to do. 

The wife suggests to the husband that they take a trip to Berlin to see two of their children.  Secretly, she hopes that she can convince her husband to visit their son who lives in Japan.  The wife loves Botu (Japanese modern dancing).  In her youth, she did this kind of dancing.  Also, she always wanted to see Mt. Fuji and to see cherry blossoms in bloom.  The husband does not like change; but, reluctantly, he agrees to go to Berlin.

The children are less than over-joyed to see their parents.  Sensing this, the wife then suggests that she and her husband go to the Baltic Sea for a few days.  While there, the wife dies.

In his grief, the husband decides to go to Japan.  This son is too busy to see to his father’s needs.  Eventually, the husband finds his way to a part filled with cherry blossoms.  There he sees a Boku dancer.  They strike up a conversation in which the husband, who, in his grief, wonders where his wife may be, is told by the young woman dancer that his wife is within him and is his shadow. 

Eventually, the dancer and the husband make their way to Mt. Fuji. where, after a dance with his spirit wife,the disease over-takes the husband and he dies.


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