Feeling Foolish

The other day, I missed the bus.  I planned a week-end trip, paid the fee, had my bus ticket with all of the pertinent information on it, packed my suitcase, as well as a snack pack for the long bus ride, set out to the pick-up site in extra time, etc. 

When I arrived, only one other car was there.  We compared notes and agreed that the last time we traveled with this company, this was the pick-up site.  After about ten minutes, we realized that no one else was waiting.  We called the company only to realize that we were in the wrong pick-up spot!  This use to be the spot, but no longer. The other car had the dirctions to the real spot.  I was to follow.  Before we got out of the parking lot, I lost them.  Needless to say, I made a wrong turn during rush hour,turned around, stopped at a gas station where the attendant just shrugged when I asked for the pick-up spot, turned around again, looked at my watch and realized that no bus waits that long for a late arrival, even on a week-end trip. 

I called the company on the slim chance that the bus was still in the right parking lot.  It wasn’t. That’s when I called myself fool, idiot, dumbell, all kinds of politically incorrect words.  I felt like crying, then I called myself a big baby, a scatter-brain – all kinds of stuff I had not heard applied to myself since kindergarten. For about one minute, I was a basket case! Then, I took a deep breath, pulled out into rush hour traffic and drove myself home. 

It took the rest of the morning for me to forgive myself.  It’s funny how we sometimes we can forgive others for making us miss a bus, or for dropping paint on our shoes, but it takes a whole other mind-set for us to forgive ourselves.  My heart rate returned to normal in about 10 minutes, but it took the rest of the morning for me acknowledge that I just made a very human mistake.  Next time, I’ll read the fine print.


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