Lunch with Friends

This afternoon, I was treated to lunch by two friends from high school.  Considering that we graduated from high school over 50 years ago, this opportunity may be considered another blessing.  My life seems to be full of them.  Even the location was special. My friends selected a restaurant overlooking a lake.  They didn’t even know that I love to eat over-looking water.

As an added attraction, the restaurant was installing a “green field” which means that a series of solar panels were being placed on poles in a field adjacent to the restaurant.  I never knew such a thing was possible.  I’ve seen fields of windmills in Spain and a few windmills in Atlantic City, but I have never seen a field of solar panels. We girls will have to go back to theat restaurant for someone else’s birthday in order to see the field completed.

Our conversation included lamenting over the state of young men today.  It seems that while the women’s movement of the 70’s and beyond was good for our daughters and nieces, it has not been as beneficial for our sons, nephews and grandsons.  Too many of them seem to have “failed to launch”.  They don’t seem to understand that even though intelligent women today can, financially fend for themselves, they are looking for mates who can also financially fend for themselves.  So many young men seem to think that they need not make any contribution to the work force nor to a relationship.  Have we emancipated women neglected our sons?


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