Mothers Helping Mothers

Any woman who believes in the power of prayer will find this concept of great interest, and, I hope will embrace it with enthusiasm.  Recently, a neighbor shared that she was saddened by the thought of so many women in the world not having clean water to offer to their children to drink nor with which to wash.  She decided that every time that she washed her hands, she would say a “Hail Mary” for all of the women in the world who did not have clean water to share with their children.  Futher, she said, “This has become a habit with me.  You would be surprised at how many times during the day that I wash my hands”.  I decided to adopt the practice. 

Each time that I wash my hands, I say a prayer for the women of the world who must raise their children with limited clean water.  At that time, I visualize a woman living in a desert, or along a polluted river.  This simple practice keeps me conscious of the presence of God and of my neighbor who lives in distant lands.

I also believe in the old adage, “Work as if everything depended on you; and, pray as if everything depended on God”.  My prayers for women raising families without clean water have helped me to resolve to offer more financial aid to those who work to bring potable water to those who struggle to survive with dignity in spite of lacking one of natures most critical elements to that survival, clean water.


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