When the Glass/Segal Act which regulated banks was abolished during the Clinton Administration, bank deregulation was hailed as a way to help every American become a home owner as banks would be able to lend more money with less collateral, etc.  In fact, what happened is that banks began bundling  mortgages and selling them to other financial institutions, etc. The banking industry and those financial institutions ran wild, making more and more money for their investors.  In the mean time, people who would never have qualified for mortgages under Glass/Segal could not pay for their mortgages, nor could the government agencies, “Fanny” and “Freddy”.  Very few voices saw or spoke to the impending crisis which occurred in 2008.  The government nearly came apart; the country nearly fell into a deep depression.  Every politician pointed fingers at everyone else; financial institutions hunkered down to wait for someone else to bail them out.  The underlying cause was GREED under many disguises.


In January, 2012, the Federal Department of Health and Human Services announced that all health insurance companies must pay for sterilization and abortion to anyone covered under their policies.  This is being done in order to provide these services to “all Americans” regardless of economic status, politics or religion, or non-religion.  Under this ruling, even institutions which believe that abortion is morally wrong must pay for and provide that service to its employees.  Once again, the well -meaning are being hoodwinked.  Abortion in the United States is a HUGE BUSSINESS.  Insurance paying for abortions will only make it bigger.  Long ago the general American population forgot that Roe vs. Wade was to protect women from dying in what were referred to as “back street abortions”. Abortion clinics are and will continue to be, even with a new law, one of the least regulated medical facilities.  Horror stories abound.  The real reason for providing insurance for procedures that are immoral is to make more money.  GREED will do it every time.   “The children of darkness are smarter than the children of light.”


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